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Community Outreach

At Ball Metalpack we understand the importance of making meaningful contributions to the communities in which we operate. Giving back to our communities and improving quality of life for those we serve is at the heart of Ball Metalpack.


BMP HQ Office Partners with A Precious Child in December of 2020

This past holiday season, we partnered up with a local organization here in Broomfield, Colorado, called A Precious Child, in which we participated in their annual gift drive where we collected donations from our HQ staff that would help out children in need over the holiday season. With the impact of COVID-19, the necessity for A Precious Child’s services and programs were needed more than ever. With our support, and the help of many other organizations across the area, A Previous Child was able to bring some light to disadvantaged children across the Denver Metro area have a wonderful holiday season.


Oakdale Quarterly Blood Drive

The Oakdale plant has partnered with the American Red Cross to have blood drive quarterly at the plant.  Employees, family and members of the community are all invited to participate.


Springdale Plant Volunteers at United Way of Northwest Arkansas

United Way of Northwest Arkansas’ Gift in Kind Warehouse connects millions of dollars of donated product to over 230 local non-profit agencies while giving unwanted items, primarily Walmart vendor products that have been returned, have a slight defect, or are marked by vendors to donate, an outlet instead of going to landfills. The warehouse has very few full-time staff and relies heavily on volunteers from the community. Ball Metalpack volunteers have spent many hours over the last few years helping sort through boxes of donated product ensuring items are thoroughly checked and sorted. Ensuring the products are properly sorted allows “shoppers” (non-profit agencies) easy access to the items they need and keeps the warehouse flowing efficiently.  


HQ Office Partners up with Broomfield FISH and participates in a canned food drive competition

In Q4 last year, we partnered up with a local Broomfield, Colorado non-profit organization called Broomfield FISH. An organization that provides food, emergency financial assistance, and one-on-one mentoring support to Broomfield residents in need. To make this fun, we had a little friendly competition with our HQ office and held a canned food drive over the span of 4 weeks. The office was split up in to three different teams, and we all competed against each other to see which team could collect the most amount of cans (in pounds) and/or donate the most amount of money that would go directly to FISH to then perchance food cans they were in need of most. Our winning team, Tiger CANS: A little charity won’t BITE took the lead and donated the most (above picture is a few of the employees a part of the Tiger CANS team). Overall, the HQ office was able to donate a total of 5,600 pounds of canned food and almost $3,000 in cash donations. We are so proud of our BMP team for stepping up and helping those in need!


Oakdale Partners with Relay for Life

Each year Oakdale employees participate in the local annual Relay for Life event.  Our plant typically is one of the top fundraisers at this event. Team members help by shopping, cooking, baking, serving chili, making blankets and pens, obtained raffle prizes, and on the day, setting up, selling jewelry and walking, lots of walking!