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Printing & Graphics



You wouldn’t settle for less than the best in your products and your printing shouldn’t be any different. Whether you’re producing packaging, closures or anything utilizing printed metal, with Ball Metalpack’s state-of-the-art flat sheet lithography capabilities, your printing can be as perfect as your products.

The expertise of our award-winning lithography team, our industry-leading equipment and Ball Metalpack’s strong supplier partnerships result in the highest quality, most innovative flatsheet printing available.



Ball Metalpack’s new MetalStar 3 printer is truly in a class of its own. The state-of-the-art metal printer provides our customers with the most innovative, reliable and beautiful metal printing available in the market. Most of the industry’s metal printing presses are decades old. Those fully mechanical machines rely heavily on human accuracy, which can lead to inconsistent print quality. By comparison, the modern MetalStar3 is fully automatic and uses a number of digital components to ensure consistent and accurate registration and color density so the last sheet is as perfect as the first. Please visit our facility to see the best-in-class benefits of our MetalStar 3.

  • Unparalleled quality. Modern vision system with a combined spectrometer and densitometer for color corrections and quality control. Online ISRA camera inspection system checks each sheet for lithography defects and accurate registration.
  • Accurate color matching. DensiTronic Professional, our automatic color-measuring system ensures exact color matching.
  • Consistent and precise registration. High-precision KunziMatic registration system. Lateral, circumferential and diagonal register controlled from the console. DriveTronic plate Indent, inline reader for precise alignment of printing plates.


Flat Sheet metal lithography is an art. Not only do our employees have the best tools for their craft they also have unparalleled experience. We tend to think our people are amazing, but when it comes to calling our team the best professionals in the business, don’t just take our word for it. Multiple members of our prepress and lithography teams have been recognized by professional organizations for their leadership and contribution to manufacturing.

Hope Riggs – Pre-Press Manager

Hope Riggs is truly an expert in lithography, with 19 years of service at Ball Metalpack and more than 12 years of experience leading our pre-press team. In 2017 Hope was recognized for her outstanding achievements, both professionally and as a successful philanthropist at the Women in Manufacturing STEP Ahead Awards. When you work with Ball Metalpack, you’ll work with Hope directly from artwork setup, to proof and first run approval to ensure your run goes off without a hitch.


Lithography Team

John Umberger and Greg Hansen, two litho technicians in our Flatsheet Graphics Center of Excellence in Canton, Ohio, were named International Metal Decorators Association “Decorators of the Year” in 2017. Our award-winning lithography technicians are responsible for running the MetalStar 3 and ensuring the highest quality standards on your finished prints.